The world is narrow! So true! I created this blog to “show off” photos rather than the original photos piling up on my smartphone memory card. Hopefully, this blog can provide a little info for anyone who wants to go for a walk or doesn’t like walking but wants to enjoy the beauty of this world. I also want to share about life in different countries and live in other countries of the world. And the joys and sorrows of living in a country of people. As the saying goes, “The grass is greener next door,” that’s absolutely true. Not everything here is delicious. 

However, always be grateful that we can have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and world created by God and the life we ​​have now. To chat, I also like to share my ideas and experiences about everyday life, including topics that are “Hot” and some reviews of hotels and restaurants that I have visited. I also want to share about health information that I got from doctors in other countries or from friends (who have experienced it firsthand). So not the info from the internet that I rewrite freely on my blog. If you want to get articles from me, don’t forget to click “subscribe” at the top of the blog. Happy reading!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:

I feel so blessed and grateful for living in this beautiful world. It brought me to take pictures of beautiful places and natures that I had visited in the past years. Honestly, I don’t like traveling. Traveling makes me nervous, and not like traveling lovers; I do not enjoy traveling. I couldn’t sleep well in a “new” place, and my body slowly adapted to a new environment. 

However, this new era of high-tech smartphones with awesome camera megapixels brings me a new hobby to enjoy the scenery, taking pictures, and collecting them. In the end, here they are… I want to share them with you.

English is not my first language. So, please forgive me if my writing makes your eyes “pop” or your face smirk:) But I tried my best. I have to improve my English day by day, though. Something that really “pushes” and challenges me. At last, I hope all of you, whoever it is, who read my blog will enjoy the scenery and at least, getting some information about the place you may want to visit OR … maybe you are just like me, don’t like traveling but want to see this “thousand words” from the beautiful pictures of this awesome “small” world. Enjoy!

Have a good day, everyone!